For more detail on role and importance of phosphorus feeding please go to the Technical Note on Phosphorus Feeding from the menu above.

While extensive research has shown the importance that phosphorus plays in the diet, it is acknowledged that many producers would like to be using it in summer but it is generally the most expensive mineral to be feeding.

Nutri-Lick has developed a number of solutions to aid in feeding phosphorus without being a substantial financial burden.

One of our top selling products for feeding stock macro nutrients without the need of protein and energy is the Summer Mineral Mix:

  • A high phosphorus/calcium mix containing high salt and trace minerals. Note that even though the salt level is considered to be excessive in a normal dry lick, because the consumption rate is low the overall salt consumed on a daily basis is the same as a 20% Salt mix consumed at 200 grams per day.
  • Mixes similar to that outlined above can include sulphur to aid in the prevention of Buffalo Fly etc.