Using dung sampling to determine diet quality is one of the more accurate and cost effective ways of determining when and what to feed your livestock to maximise return on investment. 

Symbio Laboratories based in Brisbane have test collection kits available and a good explanation data sheet and video on how to perform the sampling.  Please click here to access this information.

Please note that to get phosphorus included in the analysis it must be specifically marked on the testing order form.


Unlocking the real value of sampling

Undertaking sampling can be done as a 'one-off' but the real value in the long run comes from taking samples on a more regular basis.  For example, once a quarter, take a sample and also take a photo of the stock and pasture condition.  After a year or so you will build up a database of test results and pasture photos that can be compared against your current situation.  If the feeding strategies applied in the previous comparison period worked well then you have an indicator in the likely response you will get if the same feeding strategy is applied.